Supplies and Fees

At Highland Park Elementary School, fees are charged for agendas and Performing Arts presentations (3-4 per year, arranged through the district). Activities above and beyond those provided by the standard B.C. curriculum (fieldtrips, guest instructors, guest speakers to classrooms) will be charged, by event, as the activities occur throughout the year. No student will be denied access to a school sponsored program/activity for financial reasons.   If circumstances do not permit payment at this point or as the year progresses, please contact Mr. Rob Ellis, Principal, to discuss payment options.

  • Agenda Books (gr 1-5)             $8.00            Provided for each child
  • Cultural Performances           $8.00            Covers 3-4 performances per year
  • Kindergarten Fee                   $15.00            Covers special occasion crafts/activities
    • Kindie School Supply   $35.00 – classroom supplies such as crayons, pencils, etc.

School Supply Lists


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