Helmets Please

pexels-photo-221190.jpegIn the past two weeks two adults have suffered head injuries while joining classes for skating.  We strongly recommend that , if you are going to skate with the children, you wear a helmet and protect yourself from a possible injury.  There are lots of little bodies underfoot which definitely creates a tripping hazard. 🙂 Thank-you to all of the parents who continue to come out and join us for skating.  We really appreciate the time and energy you put in to assisting classes on field trips.

Stranger Alert

Please be aware that yesterday (Feb 27) at approx. 2:35 two Len Wood Middle School students were approached by a stranger as they were walking home from the bus stop on Otter lake Rd.  The stranger was alone, driving a white pickup truck and asked the students twice if they wanted a ride home.  The students refused and kept walking.  The man drove off without any further interaction.  The parents have made a report with the RCMP (Enderby Detachment) and are expecting to hear from the police sometime today.

Library update…

Miss Lee would like to remind students to have a plastic bag in their backpack for library books.  There is a lot of wet snow, wet clothes, and water out there right now and books are also getting wet.  Water damaged books have to be paid for so they can be replaced.  Let’s try to avoid damaged books.  Thank-you.books-bookstore-book-reading-159711.jpeg