2017-2018 PAC Executive

President:  Julie deBoer                                                                  If you have a concern
Vice President: Leanne Krahn                                                      regarding PAC fund-
Secretary: Sarah Munro                                                                 raisers, please alert
Treasurer: Amanda Shaw                                                              the PAC Executive
DPAC Rep:  Shannon Saunders                                                      directly
Safe Arrival Coordinator: Amanda Henri
Book Fair Coordinator: Annette Martin
Askews Gift Cards: Shannon Saunders
Fruit & Veggie Coordinator: Marissa Butler
One to One Program Coordinator: Angie Rice
Hot Lunch Program: Mandi Tessman, Shannon Saunders

Our education system values parents and includes them in a variety of ways.  All parents are members of the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) by virtue of being a school parent or guardian.  PAC gives parents a voice in the educational decision-making process on local, district, regional, and provincial levels.  The more parents involved, the stronger the voice when it comes to educational issues that affect our children.  Highland Park’s PAC has been very instrumental in shaping school decisions.  As well, the PAC has been hugely supportive by providing our school with materials, equipment and programs through their consistent fund raising.  All parents are encouraged to be active in the PAC and attend at least one meeting a year.

Briefly, the formal role of PAC is to:

  • advise the school administration and staff on parental views about school programs, policies and activities
  • communicate with parents about programs, policies and activities
  • assist parents in assessing and directing the system (School Growth Plan)
  • organize PAC activities and events
  • PAC meetings are held once a month during the year.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Parents are very important to Highland Park.  They play a day-to-day role in helping to create a positive, creative school climate.  The school appreciates all the help parents give in volunteering for a wide variety of activities. If you are interested in volunteering, contact your child’s teacher.